Ideas for hen party

Is your BFF getting marry? And are you (as a main bridesmaid) going to organise the best hen party ever? Is bride-to-be bored about next clubbing? Are you also run out of ideas? No problem! I can help you. Below you can find few ideas for an unforgettable hen party!

Special training or show

Does bride-to-be dream about pole dance or ballet lessons? Doesn’t she have time, money or possibilities to make it? Make her dream come true! A lot of school dances (or other sports centres) offers special trainings (or shows if you prefer to watch, not to dance/train) for bride-to-be and her girlfriends. You can train together, learn some new things and – what is most important – have a big fun.  You can also prepare a diploma for bride-to-be as a prize for the learning completely new things.

Weekend in spa

I love that idea, especially if you (you, bride-to-be and her girlfriends) work a lot and are tired. You can relax in great company, use the sauna and massages, talk a lot. And drink cocktails in pyjamas!

Obstacle racing

That’s idea for very active women. If bride-to-be and her girlfriends love running, sport and some competition (and also cooperation, what is necessary in that kind of contest), obstacle racing would be fantastic idea. Of course, think about properly cloths – maybe could wear skirts on your leggings? And don’t forget about a veil for bride-to-be! After race (and of course after shower!) you can make a small party in flat of one of you. Without make up, without dresses – only you, delicious food, home-made cocktails and a lot of fun!


Independently of your choice and form of hen party don’t forget about quizzes, games and funny gadgets (not only with penis).


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