Few places to go on your honeymoon

The honeymoon is a very important part of getting married. It is a great opportunity to spend some time only together, to enjoy new situation and also relax. Very good idea is to choose that destination, which is your common dream – I believe that’s the most beautiful honeymoon. If you haven’t that kind of dream, I could help you: below my five suggestions.

Return to the place you visited together as young couple

It is not only a honeymoon, but also a sentimental journey. Both of you could remember nice moment you spent together. You could see second time the same places and admire way it changed. And also way YOU changed.

Make an active trip

This advice for couples who love sport and long trips. What do you think about bicycle trip?  My close friends packed one tent, some clothing, took their bicycles and went for a big ride through whole country. They went back very tired but also very happy.

All-inclusive holiday

I recommend you that choice if you would fell like the king and the queen. Two weeks of sweet laziness, cocktails on the beach and simply relax. Sounds very nice.

big ben

And now – my top 6 places where I would like to go on my own honeymoon:

  1. Canary Islands: Nice weather all year, warm water in the ocean, a lot of birds and animals.
  2. Paris: The most romantic city in the world.
  3. Russia: A big, fascinating country.
  4. London: I dream about London Eye, Tower and Buckingham Palace.
  5. Thailand: I really would like to see so exotic country.
  6. Argentina: I and my boyfriend love tang, so we dream about travel to tango’s homeland.


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